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Apr 8, 2002 - Quizzer v0.40 Released!

Yes. Finally, Quizzer v0.40 has been released with many new features.

  • Export your XML Quizzes to HTML Format!
  • Improved user interface with menus, and additional look and feels, go see the screenshots!
  • Fixed a few bugs that dealt with navigation of the quiz.
  • And a few other minor enhancements.

Please note that this version requires Java 1.4, but it can run on 1.3, if you have the Xalan Transformer library in your classpath.

Upcoming features in the next Quizzer, v0.50:

  • Include an integrated quiz maker so that you can make quizzes using a GUI instead of writing XML by hand
  • Include printing functionality.

These two features themselves account for a new release. Stay tuned!

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