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All you have to do to make a quiz is make an XML file with tags similar to the following, so open up Notepad, or any other text editor and type in the following:

 <pair no="1">
  <question>The Alps form the border between France and ______.</question>

The <quiz> tag is the root tag, which can be anything you want. The <pair no="1"> tag is required, and the no="1" attribute is the number of the question. The next pair would be no="2" and no="3" and so on. Then in each pair, you have two tags, <question> and <answer>. The question text will go into the <question> tag, and the answer text to the question will go into the <answer> tag. Note: Pairs must start with 1. Ex) <pair no="1"> is valid, <pair no="0"> is invalid. Here is another example.

 <pair no="1">
  <question>The Alps form the border between France and ______.</question>
 <pair no="2">
  <question>The _______ separates France from Germany.</question>
  <answer>Rhine River</answer>

Once you have your XML file completed, all you have to do is save it with an .xml extension. Then run Quizzer, click on the Open button, find the quiz file, and take the quiz! And that's all you have to do! The Quizzer is all set for you or someone else to take the quiz.

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